Monday, October 8, 2012

ICS+ Launcher v1.7.0.0 (Unlocked)

ICS+ Launcher v1.7.0.0 (Unlocked) ҩҩҩ Andkons Market:roid v2.1+ ҩҩҩ Andkons Market: Ice Cream Sandwich Launcherhome replacement app designed give look feel newestroid update Google,roid 4.0. ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ Ice Cream Sandwich Launcherhome replacement app designed give look feel newestroid update Google,roid 4.0 ҩҩҩ Features: ҩҩҩ ★ Clones Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 ҩҩҩ ★-Launcher status bar ICSme ҩҩҩ ★ Smooth snappy proper s (ask help) ҩҩҩ ★ Drag drop cross-hairs (Garden Cross-hairs) ҩҩҩ ★ Home screen gestures ҩҩҩ ★ Auto cache dump ҩҩҩ ★ns settings features ҩҩҩ ★ficial ICS 4.0 widget resizing, screendicator, search bar, analog clock, wallpapers (creater own). ҩҩҩ ★ Hide labels desktop drawer ҩҩҩ ★ Supportsstatic live wallpapers ҩҩҩ ★ Scrollable re-sizable widgets ҩҩҩ ★ much! ҩҩҩ What planned future updates? ҩҩҩ ★ transitions ҩҩҩ ★ widgets ҩҩҩ ★ status bar icons ҩҩҩ Quick Tips Help: ҩҩҩ ★ICS Launcher designed replacer Stock Launcher. undone going settings > applications > manage > ICS Launcher > Clear Defaults. ҩҩҩ ★Click "menu" hardw key access System Launcher settings ҩҩҩ ★Long-click any desktop screen add icons, widgets, wallpapers ҩҩҩ ★Swipe up any home screen hideification bar. Swipewn bring back. ҩҩҩ ★This Launcher may run properlys relatively antiquated low-end phones! ҩҩҩ ★ experiencingce Close errors, try clearing cache pressingr menu hardw key home screen, select "manage apps", open "ICS 4.0 Launcher" under "All" tab. Alternatively, uninstall re-install 12/20 update market. ҩҩҩ ★Fsupport, sure send usemail wenot responddividual comments market! ҩҩҩ Importantformation: ҩҩҩ Avast reporting malw?!'s definitely malw, AdNetwork SDK whichen certified Verisign fully approved Google. Avastfew or outdated scanners markpotential riskcause required permissions.n't fooled, usescanner legitimate identifiers like Lookout Security AVG. Readprivacy policy contact usfo. ҩҩҩn why repermissions? Well, required app drawer home screen controls. ors necessaryAdNetwork's SDK explained detail here - ҩҩҩ <input type="button" value=""> ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ .permissions added completely harmless at point we collect store any personalformation!user's privacytop priority,please feel free contact usyou have any questions concerns. ҩҩҩ app providefew useful shortcutsr msearch bookmark link home screen icon. gives usfew cents each time appwnloaded time help us outlot developing want usese newols, ignore deletem dragging icon trashcan harmne (our app remains same, need uninstall). Thank! ҩҩҩyou have any questions comments, please visitwebsite send usemail we get backon possible. ҩҩҩe Dedicated Users Fans: ҩҩҩ those that haveen supporting Syndicate Apps usinglaunchersmes last year, may haveiced thatmem haven’ten updatedcouple months. We appreciater dedication feedback than expressed writing extremelyrry wait,thislycause we have spent last 6 months straight developingnew launcher that advanced customizable app market when we ready launch. apps we have released meantime make suredividual features add-ons workforetegratingmtota project (andly specific styles those features at that).n’t despaircause real thing outon completely change way look atr phone tablet. Stay tuned checksite updates! ҩҩҩ Recent changes: ҩҩҩ --Launcher Status bar ҩҩҩ - Full Customization ҩҩҩ - Garden Crosshairs ҩҩҩ -ficial Clock ҩҩҩ -ficial screendicatҩҩҩ - Revamped Search Bar ҩҩҩ - Revamped screen slide & bounce ҩҩҩ -ck bar fix (Icon getting stuck) ҩҩҩ - Drawer Advancement ҩҩҩ - Preparation next update ҩҩҩ - WebServertegration ҩҩҩ - Transitions throughout ҩҩҩ - New menus navigations ҩҩҩ Less description » ҩҩҩ Latest version: () ҩҩҩe:plus features enabled. remove old versionforestall. ҩҩҩ app advertisements ҩҩҩ /> ҩҩҩ <input type="button" value=""> ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ Downloadstructions: ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ