Saturday, October 6, 2012

Game Releases • 4x4 Offroad Racing v1.1

4x4froad Racing v1.1
Andkons Market Android 2.1+
Overview:tense high speedfroad racing 25+2 unlockable cars 20 race tracks .

4x4froad Racing Superchargedferstense high speed race action 7 simultaneous cars, jumps crashes, 25+2 unlockable cars 20 race tracksganized 4 cups master. game takes placelargeautifuldustrial park scenery lots options epic jumps.

In 4x4 race virtual cash. Spend earned cash unlock tracks cars. earn cash winning tracks, crashingto or cars, racingst lap timesing epic jumps earn cash airtime! 20 tracks ganized 4 cups: Bronze, Silver, Gold Platinum. Win each cup able unlock next cup. When unlocked won4 cups unlock 2 bonus cars: A school bus S.W.A.T. bus!

Beside 2 bonus cars, gamefers 25 cars: 10 pickup trucks, 10froad buggies 5 heavy trucks. All cars have different engines, weights, steering handlinghaviors - if't mastertrack, just go buydifferent cardifferenthavior. Takelight speedy buggy quick kick or cars out crashingtomheavy truck!

The game supports awesome hard rock music tracks that kickr adrenaline level up high. Andly that: 4x4froad Racingadditional free driving track which -ce unlocked - let's freely explore wholedustrial park. course we putme ueber epic jump ramps that earn extra cash free driving buy unlock additional cars tracks.

Enjoy 4x4froad Racing Supercharged,andrenaline-pumping racing game lots action!

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