Thursday, September 27, 2012

Run Fatty Run v1.1

UtK7K.jpg ҩҩҩ Screen-tapping action that pitse large man against Health C gone mad. ҩҩҩworld convenience, junk food flabbiness,e government implementeddrastic new health plan end obesity crisis. ҩҩҩe man survive… ҩҩҩ RUN FATTY RUN frantic arcade action that pitse overweight man againstces natural selection. Guidert throughurban landscape hills, obstacles,ugh old ladies relentless enemy – food. Run, smash rollr way homert defies government’ssttentions. ҩҩҩ Features: ҩҩҩ 36 action packed courses ҩҩҩ NEXT GEN 3D graphics advanced shaders FX ҩҩҩsmorgasbord food temptations ACCURATE CALORIE COUNTS ҩҩҩ Learn BARGE, ROLL, CHARGE BODYSLAM ҩҩҩ Multiple game endings ҩҩҩ Unlockable comic backstory ҩҩҩE: ҩҩҩ game relies upon quickly tappingr screen.meroid s capable detecting quick taps. ҩҩҩ Requiredroid O/S : 2.0.1+ ҩҩҩ play: ҩҩҩ <input type="button" value=""> ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩwnload: ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ

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