Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Live Wallpaper World v1.5.2

Halloween Live Wallpaper World v1.5.2 ҩҩҩ Andkons Market:roid 2.1 up ҩҩҩ Andkons Market:teractive World hordes crazy evil characters,enjoy Halloween 2012! ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ Halloween Live Wallpaper World possessesr hordes crazy evil characters. cful:se fun Halloween Live Wallpapers,r fingers brush dangerously closeworld where's always October 31st.witch, vampire, ghost, or characters always lurkrroid screen, reminding moonlight, masks,dy corn. ҩҩҩ Halloween Live Wallpaper World featuresinteractive mode that lets control wallpaper's terrifying creatures unlock crazy s that shr friends. Scd spiders? Halloween Live Wallpaper Worldarachnophobic mode that chasesm backir hiding places. maybe'd like see whatof eight-legged creatures,cey get loose? Discover secretuch points that unlock Halloween World s,kr friends help findm. Sh s easily using free application thatstalls halloween live wallpaper. Send esr choice text: "X Days until Halloween!" "Happy Halloween!" "Come my Halloween Party October X!" ҩҩҩ Pleasee that application must launched Live Wallpapers menu. ҩҩҩget adjust speed settings proper display. ҩҩҩ Discover characters, ҩҩҩ Discover how controlm, ҩҩҩ Surpriser friends crazy s, ҩҩҩstall Halloween Live Wallpaper World!!!!!! ҩҩҩwnloading app, agree EULA at ҩҩҩSTRUCTIONS:live wallpaper, need choose manually; use, long press home screen, tap "Wallpapers"n "Live wallpapers", scroll tap "Halloween World I", optionally customize using "Settings...",n tap "Set wallpaper". ҩҩҩ Permissions needed sh secret s across 3erParty apps (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, ...). ҩҩҩ What's version: ҩҩҩ v1.5.2 ҩҩҩ -Fixbug Live Wallpaper Settings ҩҩҩ -Some minimprovements ҩҩҩ v1.5.1 ҩҩҩ -Improve Continuous Scrolling ҩҩҩ v1.5 ҩҩҩ -Fixedbug when setting LW ҩҩҩ -Some improvements ҩҩҩ /> ҩҩҩ <input type="button" value=""> ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩwnload: ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ ҩҩҩ